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About MOOmanager

MOOmanager was initially designed as a platform to help you optimise the breeding of your animals. For example, many farms perform poorly in the yearly yield of calves. Our system keeps track of your breeding routine and makes sure you have animals properly checked by a vet at the right time. It also identifies problematic animals and suggests solutions.

But we actually want to make it more than that. We want to make MOOmanager the only software you will ever need on your farm. In the future MOOmanager will also keep track of your milk yield, animal health, diseases and vaccinations. We also want to develop animal sensors that will automatically send updates to MOOmanager. And besides that MOOmanager will always be available on your smartphone and tablet, so you can enter data while you are in the stall or on the field.

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MOOmanager team

Miha Šavc, veterinarian, DVMS student, resident in clinical reproduction, farmer

Tilen Kranjc, pharmacist, PhD student, bioinformatician

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